Quantize Music Group (abbreviated as QMG) was founded with artist in mind. Bringing Just Music & Justice to Musicians. With an industry still operating backwards as if it was 1997, several innovators decided to step in and create something different. Something that would change up the game, providing power back in the hand of the artists, operating on a partnership model with the power of the creativity and a strong identity as a Independent Record Label.


Quantize Music Entertainment, LLC. is also an USA based Bengali entertainment & media company primarily specializes in music distribution, rights management, music publishing & creative collective.


Our goal & idea to start QMG Originals is to connect with all kinds of genre loving diverse audience. “There is no particular genre that works. People wants good music and that’s what matter to us. Be it Pop, Jazz, R&B, or Hip Hop/Electro-Pop, it should sound good.”